In the past year of 2013, I've received thousands of emails which asked about questions about sourcing and manufacturing in China. Today I will share 3 of the most commonly asked questions as well as the answers.

How to Effectively Conduct a Background Check of the Factory?

A company check is very necessary when you first start to work with a factory or manufacturer in China.

There are many places where you can find potential partners, including Alibaba and TradeKey. But after finding a list of candidates, how to verify heir legitimacy?

A usual approach is to work with a company check service provider who will conduct a background check of the company on your behalf.

This is the most effective way.

Best Tips on Not Being Scammed?

Working with a manufacturer from the other side of the world is always risky. So how to reduce the chances of being involved in scams?

The safest way is to hire a company check company to conduct a comprehensive background check as well as an onsite check at the factory.

Other common practices include requesting sample products, visiting the factory in person and requesting references.

How to Protect Yourself When You Find Yourself Being Scammed?

This is the unluckiest event when you are doing international trade. Being scammed means financial loss or even legal issues.

If you have conducted a company check before the scam happens, there is a good chance that you can track the company down and take actions to protect yourself.

However, if you didn't, then there is very little you can do to get your money back. What's worse, the embassy staff is usually not helpful at all.

So again, I'd like to stress that a company check or visit in person is very necessary, before you work with your manufacturer in China.


It's 2014. Each year I create an article and share the best product inspection tips with my reader. Below are the best production inspection tips in 2014.

Be Professional

Quality is one of the major concerns to keep in mind when you are working with a factory in China. It's okay to have strict quality standards, but if you don't act professionally, the factory may not accept your orders again.

Write Things Down

Be sure to list all the requirements of your production before you sign the contract with the factory. Quality requirements in written forms will be kept as a record shared by both parties. This is a good way to avoid arguments in future, when there are certain aspects of the products that don't meet the standards, or the factory can also protect themselves when you require items that are not included in the list.

Check During Production

Although the standards have been set between the parties, it's also necessary to check production status and product quality during production, in case it's too late when you find there are problems.

When facing a situation like this, it's ideal to hire a production inspection company to check how things are going in the factory during the production process.

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