Lab testing and Certifications

LaboratoryYour products must comply with international standards and follow the regulations that are in effect. We work with different certified laboratories that conduct chemical, mechanical, metallographic, and corrosion tests, as well as failure analysis and raw material inspection. Our inspectors can collect your samples directly on your production site.

The tests: Each country has its own rules and standards. Certain products must follow several guidelines, inscriptions or labeling.

Here are the main ones:

  •  Inscrition CE
  •  EMC
  •  Low power electrical appliances
  •  REACH
  •  RoHS
  •  WEE
  •  Inscription NF
  •  UL Certification
  •  Inscription FFC
  •  GOST inscription
  •  Australia-New Zealand C-Tick
  •  Inscription CC for China (Chinese
                 compulsory Certification)

Price: They depend on the tests, please contact us by email..





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