Sourcing in China

sourcingChina is the largest industrial country with an oversupply. Our sourcing team can help you select the best deals to directly negotiate your purchases. We look for qualified factories that meet your needs in your field of activity. For maximum effectiveness, we need precise specifications from you.


We offer two collaboration options:

    1. You work directly with the supplier: 
 We conduct a specific study on your product and select the 3 suppliers that best suit your needs in terms of cost and quality. You can call on us later if you want one of our inspectors to check the status of your production.

      Time frame: 5 days
      Price :269 US$


  1. We commission the manufacturing of your product and monitor production: 
We manage the entire production of your product, from the making of the prototype to its final production. Our quality control teams monitor your order all the way to the time of shipping.

    Manufacturing time frame: It varies depending on your product, but you should expect production to take at least 30 days.


Price :We select the best offer among all competitors.


Our Product Expertise

Printing Crafts Toys Textile Furniture
Shoes Electronics Stationery Watches Sports Products
Computers Garden Lighting Corporate Gifts Glass vials
Saunas Jacuzzis Spas Fashion accessories Jewelry
Tiles Decoration Leather Foundry Automobiles

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